Codeigniter Framework – Incredible Backbone of your advanced error-free PHP Web project

The creator of PHP Rasmus Lerdorf has mentioned that he is fond of the Codeigniter framework because of it’s faster and lighter website development features. You must have seen many examples of a website using Codeigniter, for illustration Buffer, and Casio, etc.

CodeIgniter is a prevailing PHP framework with a small footprint, developed for web developers and website owners who look for a simple and well-designed toolkit to construct significant web applications.

The developer or website owner, who wants to get a website developed on this framework, must know the significant features of the Codeigniter framework so that; a greater outcome could be generated.

Codeigniter is more popular than Laravel

As per the latest survey, it’s found that Codeigniter executes better than Laravel with respect to ‘Memory Usage’ terms. Since, PHP has an array of significant frameworks Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, and Yii that are availed online with own set of tools or components and functionalities. The aim of all the tools is a lucid, better and quicker accomplishment of small or big website development projects.

Crucial features of Codeigniter framework

Following are crucial features of the Codeigniter framework

1. Lightweight PHP framework with a smaller footprint

2. Bulletproof Security

3. Reduce development duration with Lesser PHP Code

4. Model View Controller (MVC) methodology

5. Trouble-free programming

6. Apparent documentation

7. Competitive performance

8. Least configuration

1. Lightweight PHP framework with a smaller footprint

Codeigniter is a frivolous PHP framework and small footprint in comparison to other PHP frameworks. It’s a small footprint means 2MB size file needs to be downloaded, including the manual guide! Even though Codeigniter has a small size, it’s completely self-reliant and doesn’t depend on any other frameworks to get developed a significant web application development. The more significant thing is the light weight of this framework enables websites faster to browse on the web.

2. Bulletproof Security

CodeIgniter takes action against security issues seriously, with built-in defense against XSS and CSRF attacks. Codeigniter is reasonably preventive with respect to malicious attack as it permits in your URI strings in order to lower the chances of the entrance of malicious data into your application. As every business demands a highly secured website, Codeigniter is the great option for them which enables web developers to writes secure PHP code.

Moreover, the cookie decryption and encryption function of Codeigniter improve the web development method. Apart from these characteristics, you can further tighten the security of the website by incorporating a number of plug-ins.

3. Reduce development duration with Lesser PHP Code

Beginners or experienced developers don’t take a long time to learn Codeigniter for the purpose of website development. Furthermore, it swiftly pays for your endeavor in the save time afterward.

With Codeigniter PHP framework, you need to type less code and hence, the chances of mistakes will be lowered down which in turn drives towards faster debugging your written code. As everybody knows the fact that the lesser the code, the quicker it loads, and occupies lesser space.

Sample SQL database code

The genuine function within the PHP program to make the query a for a record in MySQL database is as follows:



mysql_connect(“localhost”, ” mysql_query (“SELECT * FROM tablename”, $connection);

while ($row = mysql_fetech_array ($result, MYSQL_NUM))


foreach ($row as $attribute)

print “{$attribute [1]}”;



CodeIgniter Sample Code

The specific function to control the same type query with Codeigniter framework is as follows:


{$this->load->database (‘databasename’);

$query = $this->db->get(‘tablename’);

foreach ($query->result () as $row)

{ print $row->url }}


If you will compare the word counts between the above cases and you will have 29 words for the 1st case which is not a CodeIgniter code and 14 words for the Codeigniter framework. Hence, developing a website with Codeigniter leads to lesser code than other frameworks. Hence, fewer errors will be created.

4. Model View Controller (MVC) methodology

Insecurely based on the valuable MVC development tactic, it’s an open-source framework application that allows quick development to develop dynamic websites.

5. Trouble-free programming

CodeIgniter encourages for MVC, and never force it on you to work with it. Hence, it’s your choice, whether you opt for the MVC method or not.

6. Apparent documentation

Download the user guide of CodeIgniter to get assistance for an efficient website with the resolution of all errors. Also, a helpful tutorial is mentioned inside to show you the right path.

7. Competitive performance

Without fail, CodeIgniter performs excellent outputs in comparison to its competitors.

8. Least configuration

Since CodeIgniter version 3 has 2 MB configuration file downloadable, most of the CodeIgniter configuration is accomplished by convention, for illustration, incorporating models in a “models” folder and go through multiple configuration options, through scripts available in the “config” folder. If you have need of Codeigniter PHP project, just get in touch with us.



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