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How to Boost Your Digital Customer Experience with Analytics?


A few years ago, “customer experience” was blending of Customer’ personal characteristics, procurement histories, and market sector information. On the other hand, in this modern era of consumer-centric digital business strategies, customer experience is emphasized with the incorporation of several technologies, mobile apps and devices like SmartPhones, tablets, and palmtops. Now these days, the slab has been uplifted. To stay aggressive, you have to observe the customer experience completely as that covers every point of interaction to display a 360-degree observation of your consumer’s digital experience. Here, the need for analytics arrived for detailed reporting purposes.

Why companies should adhere to Analytics?

In the modern digital marketplace, the customer is the king and even more challenging than ever before. Businesses that become unsuccessful to cuddle a strategic pathway to improve the consumer experience, won’t just be casing behind their competitors, but would be died out in no time! Analytics is the most significant tool for businesses to improve their turnovers while improving their Digital customer experience. From the latest survey, it was found that the companies that formulate the utility of analytics to measure digital customer experience across all business conclusions, witness 149% sales enhancement over the companies that don’t use analytics.

Companies need to know more about their consumers for a greater business development plan and implementation of the updated strategy. They ought to track the digital footstep of online consumers throughout their online shopping practice. Understanding the changeable sentiments of buyers and adequate focusing on multi-channel promotional campaigns could bring a huge revolution in ROI. They need the capability to forecast product fondness and suggestion of “upcoming optimum actions” to steer future shopping.

Excellent Benefits of Analytics

Analyzing the data completely makes the way for businesses to realize what is right and what needs more attention. Without analytics, customer experience is like uncertainty and inadequate for making a fruitful business plan. The following are some practical benefits of analytics.

Connecting Data Sources for Analytics

The journey of a customer includes various valuable factors, and every customer communication is crucial for brand insight. The reality of customer thought about your brand is the echo of your treatment method. One unhappy buyer may put down the reputation of your business in his/her friend circle and network. Sometimes, placing a bad review through social networking sites or complaint boards may cause loss to the online reputation of your business. Hence, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, and many more sites are the true data sources of customer interaction. From here, you could collect data for your analytics reporting purpose.

Mainly, 3 stages are significant for obtaining data on customer experience.  Utilization, Question, and Engagement are the 3 stages that explain the post-sales part of the journey of the buyer including the procedure they use products, raise questions for assistance and employ the brand of a company.

Mainly 2 types of data sources are available such as Structured and Unstructured data.

Structured data

Structured data are linked to consumer attributes, product sales, transactions, and service records.

Structured data replies the following “what” questions:

• What type of transaction made by customers?

• What procurements did they make?

• What service issues are they having?

• What products are selling more?

Unstructured data

Unstructured data includes feedback on the quality of products and behaviors of executives collected from social media comments, clickstream data, call center records and web site.

Unstructured data replies the following “why” questions:

• Why did buyers come to you?

• Why did they choose only one product instead of multiple?

• Why did customers flaw in the rivalry?

• Why do buyers wish to interact via a single channel against another?

Hence, the Analytics reporting system works perfectly on the above-collected data or connected data sources. Do you have such an Analytics system? If, No, just contact us for an excellent solution.



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